Frequently Asked Questions

What is DooFix?

DooFix is an online technical support company that delivers instant solutions to frustrating computer issues for home users and small businesses and help them save time and money.

What services does DooFix provide?

DooFix provides one-stop support to help you get the most out of your technical problems, including spyware and virus removal, tuning up slow computers, completely uninstalling an unwanted software, fixing annoying browser hijack, making printer work properly and other troubleshooting of computer issues.

How does the DooFix technicians fix my computer?

For a subscribed customer, after you call or start an online chat to DooFix, a skilled expert will discuss and diagnose the computer problem you want to fix. Then you will be asked to download a small and security program which allows our expert to access your computer remotely. With your permission, the expert will perform real-time diagnostics, identify and fix the problems. You can see how the expert utilizes state-of-the-art technology to fix your problems in a fast and secure manner. Once your problem is fixed, the expert will ask you to test your computer to make sure that its working properly.

Can you get back into my computer after a support session is over?

No. DooFix technicians are only allowed to access your computer when you request our services. And you are asked to allow or deny us to view or access your computer. Once your problem is fixed and you log off, we can no longer view or connect to your computer.

What computer brands can DooFix help me with?

DooFix provides support for all Microsoft Windows platform and programs no matter which computer brand you are using and where you bought your computer from.

Is remote computer support better than more traditional support options?

Remote technical support is safer, more convenient and faster than traditional tech support. With remote support, you do not need to search up and down and test all kinds of possible solutions. Moreover, you do not need to leave your home or office and lug your computer to a repair shop. You can rely on DooFix to take good care of your computer and you can continue to work or enjoy your life.

This remote support is actually safer than traditional repair, because you do not need to leave your computer in a repair shop overnight or let strangers into your home and can watch the whole repair process and how our expert fixes your issues.

Is remote support secure?

Yes. We use a 256-bit encrypted connection between your computer and the experts computer to ensure no one else can view or interfere with our remote service. You are in full control of one-to-one session. Only you can initiate an online support service and deny it with a simple click. Also, you can see how the expert locates and resolves the problem. And DooFix technicians can not log back in without a new request from you.

Are DooFix services guaranteed?

Yes, your 100% satisfaction is the primary goal of DooFix Services. DooFix expert will help remedy the same problem that you encounter if requested before your subscription expires. And all DooFix Services come with a money-back guarantee. In the unlikely event that our fix did not work for your issue, contact us within 7 days of service delivery to receive a full refund of your subscription.

Do you charge to diagnose my computer?

We normally do not charge anything to analyze your computer problem and we just charge you when you decide to use DooFix services.

What do I need to get remote support?

All you need is to be by your computer and a broadband Internet connection.

Are you 24x7 available?

Yes, DooFix is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you resolve any tech issues. DooFix will take good care of your computer issues anytime day or night.

How can I subscribe for DooFix?

You can subscribe to us from anywhere anytime via Sign Up.

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